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Our Packaging Journey

Packaging is important, everyone knows that! 

Our packaging journey has been an interesting one it started with a singular focus, one of aesthetics. Make a box that looks amazing, however it did not take long to realise that was a mistake and our brief evolved.   

Lessons Learned

The road to great product design is long, its one of research, development and patience. Packaging design is no different and we learned lessons the hard way.

Our initial tubular design whilst being a ‘good looker’ according to Rob carried some expensive production costs with it. This coupled with the fact that when packaged together in shipping quantities the shape actually create a lot of wasted space between the tube. And so our first iteration was born. 


 Versions of packaging


Second Choice 

The second generation of our packaging took the form of a cube to help us maximise protection for our product, plus reduce wasted space in shipping quantities. 

The packaging fully enclosed the product in a cardboard cube plastic insert and foam lined lid, great for protection however not so good for the environment given all of that packaging going. 

Additionally having spoken to a number of retailers it became clear the home-wares space is a competitive game to be playing, having a product that is hidden from view of consumer inside a box is not conducive to having the general consumer pick up and buy. 

So we quickly realised a version 3 was needed. 


 Packaging version 2 showing all components 


The Real Deal  

The third and final iteration took a lot of effort and time to perfect. 

The cube we created in version 3 of our packing has a number of features we are super proud of:

  • Is entirely formed from cardboard 
  • Produced from a single sheet  
  • Contains no glue or staples
  • Has open sides to keep product on display
  • Provides ample protection for shipping.    


 Version 2 and 3 of packaging


The secret formula 

Like a giant piece of of origami our packaging folds in on itself all from the single cardboard sheet, forming in a home for each one of the products in the drinkware family. 


Quite a journey. 

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