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AFFNYT (ah-fin-i-tee)
.definition (english)
a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea etc



We’re reconnecting you with the products you use everyday.

Just take a look around…we’re living in a world full of things, spoilt for choice, and suffocated with short-term fixes.
Everything is replaceable, and infinitely repeatable - where’s the soul gone?  
Affnyt exists to take us back to a time when less meant more, when we made conscious choices about the things we owned, and when there was a genuine value in craftsmanship and it's blending of passion, creativity and ingenuity.

We are bringing back the art, because faster and cheaper isn’t sustainable and a world without art just isn’t human.


Rob Kidd Affnyt

Rob Kidd

Founder / Designer
Originally from London where he founded his first design company there back in 2010, Rob is now a true Sydney-sider, running Affnyt from Walsh Bay, a mecca for the city’s arts & media companies. An industrial designer who couldn’t breathe if he wasn’t being creative in some form or another, and thrives on innovation and challenging the fundamentals.



Jon Quinton Affnyt

Jon Quinton

Co Founder
A Sportsman at heart raised in rural England, he knows the value of hard work and possesses the tenacity to win in the most challenging situations. Jon attributes a large part of his appreciation and understanding of ‘good design’ to his lifelong love of Lego, and his strong practical engineering ability.