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Are you a Coffee Powered Creative?

There's no point in hiding your deep love for coffee. After all, nothing is as tempting as a hot, frothy cup brimming with rich, roasted aroma and that bittersweet taste that instantly gives you that most-needed jolt in the morning. It is part of your daily routine, as significant as taking a bath or wearing your favorite fluffy socks before you go to work. And if you're a creative, your need for coffee just gets doubled. Why? Because coffee and creativity go hand in hand.

For the artist, copywriter, web designer, game developer, creative director, literary manager, tech innovator and all-around free thinker, coffee is the best companion. And if you're not sure why you're closer with caffeine more than any other drink, here are some clues why:

  • Coffee is like an alarm clock to your body. Sure, you may be out of the bed, but your head is still snoozing, trying to get more of the sleep you didn't have for the last three hours. But then, there's the scent of freshly brewed coffee filling up the room. Slowly, it fills up your senses as you open your eyes to a thrill of a cuppa. Wonder why? Coffee boosts your energy and enhances cognitive performance, keeping you on top of your game by blocking adenosine receptors which tells your brain to fall asleep
  • It keeps your mind from wandering. Being creative also means being focused. Your attention can be easily snagged by the things happening around and inside you, which, at the end of the day, leaves you unproductive. Sure, creative solutions occur when you start idea-hopping, but coffee pulls back your wandering mind to your desk, helping you gain the focus you need to finish the job.
  • Mind matters, but also the body. Did you know that coffee does not only decrease mental fatigue, but also boosts your body's physical performance as well? That's because this little cup helps you stimulate those sleeping nerves back to their optimal conditions. In other good news: it also reduces anxiety when taken in moderate doses.
  • Coffee makes you smarter. Now, don't be a skeptic, but as coffee boosts your brain to its most-awake status, you are rewarded with better cognitive performance and helps you respond quickly to problems. A few good sips may not make you  Einstein, but it helps you make correct decisions as you go by your creative field. You don't get to do all that with the sleepy version of you.
  • You're a night owl. Your body clock is more productive at night, but that does not make you any less than the regular larks who wakes up effortlessly in the morning. You spend your 2 a.m. creating amazing art, lyrical scripts or complex codes that make up today's best apps. Night time is where your body is at its peak; coffee helps you achieve your full potential by giving your usually-drowsy physique a caffeinated kick.

Go on; brew your beans and treat yourself to a frothy, creamy coffee. And while you're at that, you might want to indulge in a cup as creative as you. 

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