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7 Smart Hacks for Realistic Minimalism

More than a fad, minimalism is a lifestyle that leads to many benefits. Visually, it looks aesthetically pleasant; everyone loves an uncluttered desk, a spacious room, a wide expanse that lets you fill in the gaps with your imaginative ideas. However, did you know that being a minimalist also helps your mental and emotional health?

Our senses are greatly affected by what we see. Every day, vision conditions our mindset. A growing pile of paperwork or laundry makes you feel intimidated, but clearing up the clutter somehow results in a feeling of relief. Simply put - the less mess, the less stress.

Not only that; the minimalist lifestyle also gives us a strong psychological foundation against consumerism. It is not the pretence of living with less; it is knowing what you need and living comfortably within your means. Minimalism helps you feel grounded instead of wanting (and ultimately, wasting). It tells us, less is beautiful whenever we are tempted into the commercial world of more.

But how do we begin living the minimalist life? Is it really possible to achieve joy and comfort within a somewhat-bare home? Don't fret; there's no need to turn your back on things you dearly love. Here are some tips to help you achieve beauty and balance in your minimalist life:

  1. Get a capsule wardrobe. Sure, we love a new coat, but do you really need it? You might even have some unworn pieces with their tags intact at the back of your closet. The best solution? Invest in staple pieces you love like a white shirt, some good denim, classic formal wear and your work apparel. Stick to wearing your favourites, but you can also occasionally treat yourself to a new item a few times a year.
  2. Maximize storage space. Don't let those clutter be seen; get creative with your drawers by utilizing small spaces for that quick concealing. For smaller items, how about decorating with hooks, trays and dividers to help you organize your essentials?
  3. Choose double-duty objects. A closet that transforms into a desk? An expandable desk that turns into a full-length table? A mirror with side-hooks for your baubles? Yes, they exist. Scour the market for these multifunctional finds to maximize your money and space. 
  4. White is right. The best way to go minimalist is to paint a room in white (or light colours). It instantly gives the space a new facelift, also making it appear roomier.
  5. Reuse, recycle. Don't throw away old mason jars, plastic containers and bottles; use them to decorate your pantry by creating a cohesive look for your kitchen staples. Remake your old dresser by repainting it. Get creative. Soon enough, you'll discover new uses from old things!
  6. Work the wall. Instead of making a clutter on your workspace, how about using the wall as your own organizer? Add a pegboard, shelf brackets or hooks and organize your thingamajigs into a stylish gallery.
  7. Simplify your lifestyle. Purge your bag, your room, or your home of those unnecessary things. If you can, hold a garage sale or donate it to charity. Instead of replacing, fix things. Not only will this push your creative (and logical) thinking, but this will help you feel grateful for the items you already have.

Living the minimalist life isn't hard its practical and healthy. It breaks the cycle of wanting and opens new doors to smart possibilities at home and work.

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